About the Author

The cows are unhappy.    
The heat spoils their milk.
It makes the sheep too tired to give fleece.
The goats feel weak in the knees.
The hens can’t lay an egg. Clonk.  

What’s a mule to do?  ​

Downward Mule is Jenna's giant leap into children's literature with two books currently in production. She's been publishing everything from poems to articles since adolescence.

Before becoming an author, Jenna led family yoga classes on weekends with a weekday desk job as editor-in-chief. Writing about a girl with special needs who walks because of yoga motivated Jenna’s kids yoga certification. She holds a master’s degree in journalism, a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in French, and has guest taught creative writing in schools including a semester at a juvenile detention center. Find her in NJ, on the beaches of Montauk, or at the occasional barnyard on family travels.